'The Black Panther': America's First Black Superhero Returns

Series is a partnership between Marvel Knights Animation and BET.


The new 12-episode TV and DVD series The Black Panther has nothing do with the black-empowerment group of the 1960s and '70s, and everything to do with fantasy and animation. Co-producer Reginald Hudlin, a filmmaker and the former president of entertainment for BET, is using the project to revive the first black superhero in mainstream American comics.

The series is a partnership between Marvel Knights Animation and BET. Hudlin recently discussed the character's return (40 years after he first appeared) and the importance of a black superhero to comic book fans with NPR's Michel Martin.

Hudlin calls the Black Panther superhero "a perfect idea." Why? "He's an African king who's also a superhero. He has this technologically advanced country that is completely independent. He's wealthy, he's intelligent, he's brave and strong. He's as perfect a creation as Superman or Batman or any of the, you know, great comic book characters."

Voices for the series should sound familiar. Black Panther's belongs to the Academy Award-nominated actor Djimon Hounsou, originally from Benin in West Africa. Kerry Washington, Alfre Woodard and singer Jill Scott also have roles.

Read or listen to the full interview at NPR.