Stephen A. Smith: Dez Bryant Is Looking Like a Fool

Quite frankly, the ESPN sports analyst has a point.

Dez Bryant catches heat from Stephen A. Smith.

ESPN sports analyst Stephen A. Smith blasted Dallas Cowboys star wide receiver Dez Bryant over his dustup with police over wearing sagging pants in the mall. Bryant got into an argument with a police officer at Northpark Mall because the officer asked Bryant and his friends to pull up their pants, which were hanging low enough to show their backsides. This after Bryant had already been flagged with a criminal-trespass warning by off-duty officers after exposing his underwear and buttocks to patrons at the mall over the weekend, according to police.

Bryant called foul on the play, saying he was being "profiled." Smith believes that grown men should pull up their pants, especially when walking around a mall, and blasts Bryant for risking $8 million a year over foolishness. Smith says it best. Check out the excerpt below:

EXCERPT from Stephen A. Smith's "Dez Bryant Is Looking Like a Fool":

Ignorance is ignorance. It's never bliss. Whether you're with your honey, or driving a nice ride, living in affluence or, in the latest case, being a member of the Dallas Cowboys, it is simply never, ever a good idea to become conspicuous for being clueless. Naturally, most of us have better things to do with our time than to develop the insatiable need to tell this to Dez Bryant. But since his evident stupidity seems to be a bit contagious, perhaps it's time to tell it like it is.

Bryant's not an idiot. He just appears to be one. And if he continues to behave the way he reportedly behaved at the NorthPark Center mall in Dallas this past weekend, that stigma will be the kind of permanent fixture on his profile destined to cost him big-time dollars, and possibly his burgeoning career with the Cowboys.

And rightfully so.

You do not get into arguments with a police officer. Especially when it appears that police officer actually had a point and, quite honestly, you don't. While we're still unsure as to whether it may have been a crime for Bryant or his friends to be walking around a public mall with their pants hanging below their backsides, being asked to pull his pants up doesn't fall under the category of "profiling."

There would be no need to even address subjects like this, of course, had it not been for Bryant getting flagged with a criminal trespass warning by off-duty officers after exposing his underwear and buttocks to patrons at the mall over the weekend, according to police.

But now we need to address it because Bryant, essentially, asked us to by getting into yet another incident at a public mall.

"The outcome could have been avoided if the parties involved had simply complied with instructions given by the involved officers," Dallas Police said via a statement.