Slide Show: Ten MCs With College Degrees

You know the lyrics to your favorite rappers' songs. What about their academic credentials?

Chris Bridges, aka Ludacris (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Everyone knows that Kanye West is a college dropout, but some rappers actually finished all four years and waked across the stage. GOOD set out to highlight them today with a made-for-black-nerds slide show of 10 "top-notch MCs" with bachelor's degrees.

A few of the intellectual artists featured:

-- Public Enemy's Chuck D. He graduated from Adelphi University in Long Island, New York, with a degree in graphic design.

-- Ludacris. He earned his bachelor's degree with honors (summa cum laude) in business from Georgia State University. (Wait, does this mean he's no longer excused for spelling "ludicrous" incorrectly ... or do we think he did it on purpose now?)

-- M.I.A. She completed a program in fine art, film and video at London's Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.