Nine-Year-Old Girl Saves Sister, Loses Leg

Anaiah Rucker is being hailed as a hero.

Anaiah Rucker saved her little sister's life.

Yahoo News is reporting that 9-year-old Anaiah Rucker of Madison, Ga., is being hailed as a hero after saving her little sister, Camry, from being hit by a truck last month. Anaiah told Today Show correspondent Ann Curry that she didn't think twice before pushing her sister out of the path of a truck while crossing the street to get to the school bus stop. Instead, Anaiah was hit by the truck and lost a leg and kidney in the process.

Anaiah said it was raining and her sweatshirt hood was covering her eyes as she and her sister crossed the road. The girls' mother, Andrea Taylor, witnessed her older daughter's act of bravery from the porch of their home, where she watches the girls catch the bus each morning. She says if Anaiah hadn't "snatched" her sister out of the way, 5-year-old Camry would not be here. The truck driver was not charged because it was determined that he was not at fault.

Anaiah said that she loves her sister "more than anything." Enough said.

Read more at Yahoo News.

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