The Techies Are Wrong Again About Apple

The iPad 2 will be a huge hit -- and a massive headache for the company's competitors.

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Analysts who complain about the "incremental" improvements of the iPad 2 risk sounding a lot like the folksy comedian Louis C.K., who recently quipped about modern technology that "everything's amazing and nobody's happy." To date, iPad owners seem to be immune to this malaise. According to one report, "The iPad is the highest-scoring product that a leading consumer satisfaction index has ever tracked."

Prior to the iPad, tablet computing was a graveyard of failed innovations. Apple's iPad 1.0 dramatically redefined the category and catapulted Apple to a dominant position in the tablet market. Now "number one" has a new meaning for Apple. The company is far and away the top dog, and contrary to what the critics say, the iPad 2 is going to keep it that way.

Omar Wasow is a Ph.D. candidate in African-American studies at Harvard University. He is also the co-founder of Follow him on Twitter.

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