Harlem Residents: Happy Trails, Bill Clinton

There is no love lost between Harlem and the nation's first "black" president.

Clinton and then-Sen. Barack Obama at the WJC Foundation's
Harlem headquarters in 2008

New York's Daily News is reporting that some Harlem residents aren't losing any sleep over the announcement that the William J. Clinton Foundation will be moving its offices from 125th Street in Harlem to Water Street in the Financial District. Clinton will maintain an office in the building on 125th Street, but some residents don't seem to care because his presence didn't help the community.

Michael J. Feeney reports that lifelong Harlem resident and Clinton supporter Susan Chaplain said, "It don't faze me; I never saw him." She added, "When he was here, what did he do for us? Nothing," she said as she stood on Lenox Avenue, not far from Clinton's offices. "He never did nothing while he was here. What difference does it make?" One unidentified resident says he's happy that the former president is leaving so that the rent for his business will go down.

Wow, in our best Mos Def voice. There is no love lost for the nation's first "black" president. We say that tongue-in-cheek, but you may recall that some pundits and comedians referred to Clinton as such before Barack Obama arrived on the national scene. It was because of Clinton's scandalous ways, which we always found to be insulting. We're not surprised that Clinton's "connection" with some blacks in Harlem was based on public relations rather than reality.

Read more at the New York Daily News.

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