Chris Brown Invited Back to GMA to Explain Tantrum

Robin Roberts isn’t fooling anyone by pretending this troubled star is good for anything but ratings.

Chris Brown (Getty Images)

OK! Magazine Reports that even after Chris Brown stormed off the Good Morning America set and allegedly smashed a window after Robin Roberts asked him questions about Rihanna, the show has extended him an invitation to return.

The host says she’d “sure love to have another chance to chat with him” and wishes him the absolute best. She describes their relationship as “wonderful” and says he’s been “gracious” to her in the past.

Although Roberts is always charismatic, she is being beyond warm and accommodating to Brown in her efforts to clear up whatever misunderstanding prompted the dressing room-trashing and give him a second chance (Well, actually third chance, if you count the attack on Rihanna that he first discussed in an interview with her).

Why the delicate treatment? We’re pretty sure she’s not lusting after the erratic star along with the “everyone makes mistakes” die-hard fans and apologizers on "Team Breezy." So, is it that she’s the most patient and least judgmental person ever? Or have her in-person meetings with him shown her a more likeable side than television appearances, tweets, and reports of his behavior reveal?

Unfortunately, it’s more likely that she’s just catering to his immature and troubled ego to avoid putting him on the defensive, all for the sake of the ratings the show will get if he returns for a second round of empty apologies. 

If that’s the case, the say-whatever-you-have-to-to-get-this-maniac-back-on-the-set plan is working -- Roberts reports that Brown is seriously considering the offer.

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