Reality TV: Where’s the Black Love?

Disgruntled women and absent men dominate popular reality shows that focus on black people and love. They're just TV shows, but what statement do they make about our reality?

Reality shows aren’t an overall representation of any race or sex, but it’s questionable, interesting and baffling that all of the characters seem to fit the same mold. Black women are continually seen as the ride-or-die, hold-your-man-down-no-matter-what chicks. Loyalty is certainly needed in all relationships, but when it’s unbalanced or comes at the cost of happiness, that’s a no-go.

Maybe healthy relationships don’t make good TV. We all know that catfights and conflicts equal good ratings, but can we at least see a little love? Just one happy, stable, real-life couple? They don’t have to be married, since that’s not the goal for everyone, but what about a union in which both people actually want to be with each other?

If VH1 producers can find gaggles of women ready to publicly battle for Flavor Flav, of all people, they can surely find a happy black couple who are ready for prime time.

Patrice J. Williams is a contributor to The Root. Follow her on Twitter.

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