Barry Bonds' Trainer Taken Into Custody by U.S. Marshals

Greg Anderson refuses to testify against his childhood friend.

Baseball legend Barry Bonds (Getty Images)

The Huffington Post is reporting that Greg Anderson, Barry Bonds' former trainer and childhood friend, was taken into custody by U.S. marshals for refusing to testify against the baseball legend. Anderson, who has already spent more than 400 days in jail over the last four years for refusing to testify against Bonds, was escorted out of the courtroom for doing the same.

Bonds' lawyer Allen Ruby insisted that the baseball legend testified truthfully before a grand jury in December 2003 when he said he did not know he was using a pair of designer steroids. Bonds claims that his trainer told him that he was taking "flaxseed oil" and "arthritic cream." Prosecutor Matthew A. Parella said that Bonds knowingly lied about taking the drugs, calling BALCO founder Victor Conte, Bonds trainer Greg Anderson and Bonds "the three musketeers of BALCO."

We don't know about the "three musketeers" part, but Bonds and Anderson have a real bond. You've heard the term "ride-or-die" chick? Well, Anderson is Bonds' "ride-or-die" dude. Unfortunately for Bonds, Anderson's unwillingness to testify speaks volumes about his guilt in this case to some.

It's pretty clear that Bonds played during the steroid era of baseball, so prosecuting him will do exactly what? It's safe to assume that when the size of your head doubles, it's a safe bet that you're not taking "flaxseed oil" or "arthritic cream." For Major League Baseball and prosecutors to pretend that they weren't in on the steroid scandal is as far-fetched as Bonds not knowing that he was "juicing" -- and we're not talking about Jamba Juice.

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