The Root Recommends: Swizz Beatz Takes on Fela Kuti

The legendary hip-hop producer creates Fela mash-up.

Fela Kuti (left); Swizz Beatz (Getty Images)

For those of you who like your Fela Kuti minus an infectious hip-hop beat, read no further. But if the idea of a mash-up combining the Nigerian music legend's hits -- which surged in popularity as a result of the Broadway show Fela! -- with some of Swizz Beatz's most recognizable productions appeals to you, you might want to look into the hip-hop producer and rapper's recent offering.

In the mixtape, which you can download here, Beatz blends Kuti classics such as "Yellow Fever," "African Woman" and "No Agreement" with some of his chart toppers -- think "Touch It," "Tambourine" and "It's Me Snitches." The mixes take some getting used to but are worth a listen for Fela and Swizz fans.

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