O.J. Prison Attack Rumor: 'Totally Bogus'

Officials say the story of a beating by skinheads was made up.

Getty Images

On Tuesday, rumors swirled that O.J. Simpson had been attacked in a Nevada prison and beaten unconscious by a "muscular young skinhead" after enraging a group of white supremacists by boasting about his conquests of beautiful white women.

Simpson's former business partner, Bruce Fromong, told the tale to the National Inquirer.

But the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada has said the claims are "totally bogus."

Well ... the story sounded a little suspect in the first place (Really, the skinheads hadn't heard about O.J. and Nicole until he let is slip in prison? They weren't at all peeved before this week?)

Still, assuming it's really not true, we wonder what incentive Fromong would have to spread this bad-guy-attacked-by-another-bad-guy rumor. And of course, whether reactions to it followed the same racial patterns as responses to the verdict in O.J.'s murder trial. Our guess? Probably so.

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