VIDEO: The Q'Osby Family Fights Stereotypes? 'Daily Show' Spoofs 'Muslim Cosby Show' Idea

"Correspondent" Aasif Mandvi stars in a mock episode and leads a revealing focus group on the concept.

The Daily Show's Aasif Mandvi

As we mentioned yesterday, Bill Cosby thinks Katie Couric's idea of a "Muslim version of The Cosby Show" to help remedy bigotry against Islam in America sounds pretty good.

The Daily Show, on the other hand, thinks it sounds pretty hilarious. Check out this tongue-in-cheek segment, in which correspondent Aasif Mandvi looks for focus-group reactions to the idea and stars as the Muslim Cliff Huxtable (Coogi sweater and all) in a lighthearted look at the limitations of the idea.

And check out the CBS interview in which Katie Couric first suggested the concept in a discussion with The Root's deputy editor, Sheryl Huggins Salomon (around the 23-minute mark). In Couric's defense, she admitted then that it sounded "crazy."


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