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#BlackParentsQuotes Trends on Twitter

Do phrases like "I brought you into this world, I'll take you out," sound familiar?

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"Oh so u think u grown now huh?"

"I hope you know that homework like you know them damn song lyrics."

"You must have lost yo goddamn mind."

And just when you were thinking there was a lot of violence and intimidation going on in Egypt right now, check the rest of the list, where switches, slaps and ass whupping dominate the conversation (frequently compared to #whiteparentquote "You're on a time out").

Disclaimer: This writer was raised by a white mother (of the time-out variety) and is not feeling the nostalgia. But clearly the rest of Black Twitter is. So, what do you think about the way we treat our kids? Is this a disturbing leftover from slavery, good parenting or just plain hilarious?

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