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Ann Pettway Indicted for Kidnapping Carlina White

The woman alleged to have kidnapped a baby from a Harlem hospital more than 20 years ago faces prison.

Carlina White, 23, is alleged to have been kidnapped by Ann Pettway.

MSNBC is reporting that Ann Pettway, the woman accused of kidnapping Carlina White, now 23, as a baby from a hospital in New York City, has been indicted for kidnapping. A federal grand jury in New York brought the charges against Ann Pettway for "unlawfully, willfully and knowingly" taking White from her hospital crib at Harlem Hospital in 1987. The baby was 19 days old. The grand jury said that Pettway "abducted" and "willfully transported" the baby out of state.

Under the name of Nejdra Nance, White grew up in Connecticut and later Georgia under Pettway's care. White, who never felt connected to Pettway, discovered her true identity last year. With the help of the Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the NYPD, she was reunited with her birth family. White and her biological mother are currently estranged over a financial dispute involving reward money. 

Attorneys for Pettway, who has been in trouble before for larceny and forgery and is currently on probation for an embezzlement conviction in North Carolina, have their work cut out for them. Her actions have caused suffering and despair for both families. Hopefully, White and her biological family can work out their differences. After all, finding out the truth about one's identity is a blessing that should not be wasted.

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