Alvin Greene Is Back on the Ballot

Candidate has "no comment" about his invisible campaigning.


The Huffington Post reports that former South Carolina Senate candidate Alvin Greene is back on the ballot in his home state:

This time, the 33-year-old is trying to win the Democratic nomination for a state House seat anchored in his central South Carolina hometown of Manning.

Greene appears to be using a familiar strategy. The other three candidates in Tuesday's primary say they haven't seen Greene out much shaking hands or giving speeches. Greene also missed a debate with all the candidates last month.

Greene isn't talking about his strategy. He told a reporter from The Associated Press "no comment" on the phone when asked Monday what kind of campaigning he has been doing.

His only comment was that he was feeling "OK" about Tuesday's vote. We're feeling confused about his candidacy and his campaign style (or lack thereof).

Read more at the Huffington Post.

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