Video: Uncle Beats Nephew for Claiming to Be a Thug on Facebook

This uncle does not play. And he filmed this video to prove it.

Apparently, the young man in the video below has been perpetrating on Facebook. He claims he’s a thug and that he’s “dropping bodies on the block.” But his uncle isn’t having it.

From AOL Black Voices: “This is my f—ing nephew right here,” he says as he points the belt at the boy. “He ain’t no gang member; we don’t come from that sh–.”

He then tells the boy to speak to the camera and tell everyone that his gangster lifestyle on Facebook is nothing more than a facade.

“All that is fake,” the boy says.

But then the golden words spill out of his uncle’s mouth.

” … but this ass whoopin’ isn’t going to be fake!”

There’s probably not much worse than getting caught in a lie. But now all of the Web can watch you get a whoopin’ for it. Extreme? Perhaps, but kudos to the uncle for not tolerating his nephew’s online actions. On the other hand, what’s up with his pants hanging off his butt? See the NSFW video below.

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