The Root Recap: The Game

After a long hiatus, The Game is back, thanks to fervid fans lobbying for its return. But was bringing the soap back from the dead a good idea?

As in, “How he gonna have a natural conk and both his parents come from a long lineage of naps?” a question posed by Melanie’s friend Tasha, whose hair is also back to its back-grazing Season 1 length. Back then she had yet to find true love in the form of Rick (dramatic pause) Fox (playing himself) or closure with her superstar son’s deadbeat dad. She was admittedly “bitter.”

Now she seems less so — but definitely not better, either — especially with the introduction of Dante (BET VJ Terrence Jenkins) as her newfound jailbait. The hair is the same. So perhaps Tasha hasn’t changed as much as longtime fans of the show had hoped.

This season Kelly has decided to cut her man right out of her hair. Kelly is now starring in a reality show called Ex Ballers’ Wives, and like her new career, her new “Duran Duran” do reeks of desperation rather than independence. Much like her reverse mullet (prom queen in the front, punk in the back), Kelly seems more confused and lost than ever. And since when did her daughter Brittany get a kiddie perm?

A lot can change in two years. Hair comes, it goes; it gets glued and it gets chopped. But I had hoped that in the Season 4 premiere of The Game, the show’s roots would peek out a little bit. Because in the end, the series was about relationships. Superstar Derwin, super-saver Jason and selfish Malik might as well be strangers. And it’s going to take more than a bottle of Riesling to get Tasha and Kelly back together again after their big blowup.

For her part, Melanie should probably work toward having a real relationship with her stepson before she destroys her relationship with his father. Now, that would be some new growth worth seeing.

Helena Andrews is a regular contributor to The Root and author of Bitch Is the New Black, a memoir in essays. Follow her on Twitter.

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