Rewind: Dick Gregory’s ‘Nigger: An Autobiography’ to Be Re-Released for BHM

The best-selling memoir is being revived for Black History Month.

Activist and comedian Dick Gregory re-releases autobiography.
Activist and comedian Dick Gregory re-releases autobiography.

In honor of Black History Month, First One Digital Publishing will re-release the thought-provoking autobiography Nigger: An Autobiography by Dick Gregory, written by the comedian and social activist. The book will be available across all digital readers and distributor platforms, including iTunes, Barnes & Noble and Sony as well as the company’s own website.

The book was originally released in print in 1964 during the civil rights movement with critical acclaim and sold more than 1 million copies. Karen Hunter, CEO of First One Digital Publishing, says she chose to re-release the title in digital form because “a visionary like Dick Gregory only comes around once in a lifetime, and it is an honor to bring his best-selling memoir to a whole new digital generation. We are grateful that Mr. Gregory chose First One to be the home for this and future projects.”

To learn more about the re-release, visit First One Publishing.

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