Decision on Obama Chief of Staff Nears

There are several candidates on the short list -- but which one is best for the job?

Obama with Pete Rouse (AFP/Getty Images)

With Rahm Emanuel battling to become mayor of Chicago, President Obama is in need of a new chief of staff. But who he will pick is still up in the air. On the short list are his acting chief of staff, Pete Rouse; former Sen. Tom Daschle; Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack; and the most-buzzed-about candidate (and reported favorite of Emanuel), former Clinton Commerce Secretary Bill Daley, a Chicagoan. Daley's "calling card is his vast knowledge of people in Democratic politics and in corporate business," according to the Huffington Post. Then again, he's older and "not a detail guy," said one of Huffpo's sources. All of the candidates have pros and cons, but which one is really going to have Obama's back?

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Lauren is a former Deputy Editor of The Root.