Bill O’Reilly Bags Obama for Super Sunday

The president will submit to a grilling by the conservative host just before the big game.

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It seems that relations between President Obama and Fox News are thawing a bit. The president has agreed to be interviewed by Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly on Feb. 6, just before the Super Bowl, one of the highest-rated programs in television. It’s become something of a tradition for Obama to get grilled before the big game. In 2009 he sat down with Matt Lauer of NBC, which had rights to the game, and last year with CBS’ Katie Couric. This year Fox will broadcast the Super Bowl.

The president was last interviewed by O’Reilly in 2008 when he was running for president and the topics ranged from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. For most of the last two years, Fox News has been in the White House doghouse for its highly slanted approach to news. Makes you wonder why the president would agree to such a plum for a network that is willing to fan the flames of every crackpot accusation about him. Maybe it’s the ratings the game gets — Nielsen estimated the audience at 100 million last year. Or maybe it’s the only excuse Obama could find to go to the game, since the folks at places like Fox seem to keep count of his vacation days.

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