Thief Taunts Burglary Victim on Facebook

The silly criminal posted a photo of himself wearing a stolen coat and money on the boy's Facebook profile. What's more silly? The cops still haven't found him.

Bold criminal posts photo on victim's Facebook page.

Fresh from our "What were you thinking?" file, a thief who broke into a home and stole many items, including a winter coat, laptop, iPod and money, posted a picture of himself wearing said coat and holding said money on the teen's Facebook account. How did he get access? From the victim's laptop. We're talking a full facial picture of the burglar. You would think that a photo of the criminal, along with the ability to track the location of people through a laptop and Facebook, would have ended in an arrest by now. Nah. Taking a page straight from the Keystone cops, the D.C. cops haven't been able to locate the guy, even with a photo.

Facebook -- with its privacy issues, including the new layout, which updates everybody about what you're doing and when -- requires a subpoena to give information on the whereabouts of the laptop. You can follow mine and give out other people's information all day long, but not when it comes to a burglary. Oh, OK. This is a strange case indeed and one that highlights just how ridiculous our society operates. On the other hand, the conspiracy theorist in us wants to know what a teenager is doing with the kind of cash this burglar lifted. And it was just lying around? And the "in your face" taunt? Perhaps this wasn't a random burglary at all. We're just saying.

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