All About the 2010 Golden Scissors Awards

Bringing the beautiful, the brave and the absurd, "Hair GaGa 2010" reclaimed the fun side of black hair.

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Meanwhile, Soul Food star Darrin Henson hawked calendars and Darrin's Dance Grooves DVDs before taking to the stage to open the show. And Lola Monroe (perhaps better recognized for her dramatic waist-to-butt ratio than her hairstyles, but nonetheless fully in the spirit of the event) performed her single, "Overtime."

After five hours of fanfare, the night's grand winner was finally announced. Note to stylists: When it comes to wowing judges, there's not much you can do to compete with moving parts. The color scheme of the winning entry: lime green and silver. The size: Think mini Hula-Hoop. The embellishments: woven hair, waist-length, leafy vines and a rotating, motorized flower the size of a dinner plate. Stylist Christopher D. Fountain (known as "Pastor") of Connecticut took home $1,000 for the masterpiece.

You won't see anything quite like the winning entry on the street, but the tradition of treating black hair as art isn't entirely confined to the runway, either. It's in the conch shells and beads in your friend's locks and the electric blue strands woven into the micro braids of the girl behind the Starbucks counter. This form of expression doggedly manages to survive every cultural assault on black beauty -- not to mention, it makes for a damn good time. And if the Golden Scissors crowd has anything to say about it, the fun side of black hair is here to stay.

Jenée Desmond-Harris is a regular contributor to The Root.

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