Russell Simmons Urges African-American Community to Vote

Says Republicans pose the greatest threat to our 14th Amendment gains than ever before.

Russell Simmons wants you to vote.

Russell Simmons, founder of Def Jams Records and hip-hop's most visible ambassador and political activist, urged young people not to be "blindsided" by Republican machinations and to vote Democratic in the Nov. 2 midterm election. Simmons insisted that the Republican Party is a threat to our 14th Amendment rights. "We just need to vote. That's what I'm going to do; that's what we all need to do. Vote. Real talk." He also offered words about the public's misperceptions about President Obama. "While I can understand some of the frustrations of the progressive base who don't see their agenda reflected in the Obama administration, our president was never liberal; nor did he profess to be." Is Reverend Run in the house, because that comment deserves an "Amen."

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