The Root Interview: Antoine Dodson

Antoine Dodson, concerned brother and YouTube sensation, talks to The Root about his BET Hip Hop Awards performance, sex crimes in black communities and his thoughts on Bishop Eddie Long's accusers.

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TR: I understand you want to advocate for victims to speak out, but can you understand why people might be afraid? 
AD: Yeah, and I'm not trying to be stereotypical, but it's different from males in the black community. It's more women and white males that are scared to speak out about rapists. I believe in speaking out. I'm glad that they are speaking out, if the situation is true.

TR: How do you feel about how homophobia and sexual crimes are handled in black communities?
AD: They feel like -- especially bourgie black people -- they don't want to air it on the news because they feel it reflects poorly on the black community. So in order to make them look bourgie, even though they're in the hood, they just don’t speak about it. But a person like me, I'm going to air you out. I’m going to call every media outlet I can and get it in. And I expect somebody to air me out, especially if I'm doing something I ain't got no business doing.

Brentin Mock is a regular contributor to The Root.

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