The Root Interview: 5 Quick Questions for Loretta Devine

One of Hollywood's busiest actresses stays still long enough to talk to The Root about her one-woman show, her friendship with Angela Bassett and her obsession with the iPhone.

TR: Who is your favorite co-star?

LD: I love working with everyone. The cast for this film has been great, but I really enjoy working with Angela [Bassett]. She is a wonderful woman. We keep in touch and really have a special connection — a special friendship.

TR: How would you describe yourself?

LD: I am a character actress, which is not the same as a lead actress. I portray other people — black women, mostly in supporting roles. I’m so used to playing other people. I’ve been surrounded by black women all my life. I pattern my characters after family and friends. You just take from the people around you. I take a lot from my sisters. I don’t have a son, but my sister does, so I based my character in Jumping the Broom on her. [She steps out of the van, gives me a hug, waves to her fans, and then offers me one last piece of advice before heading to shoot her next scene.] Get an iPhone.

Nsenga K. Burton is editor-at-large and a regular contributor to The Root. She recently completed the film Four Acts, a documentary on the 2007 public servants’ strike in South Africa.

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