The Emmys: The Twitterverse Speaks

Not much color at the Primetime Emmy Awards this year, and the Tweeps had plenty to say about it. That, plus Laurence Fishburne, Al Pacino, Jimmy Fallon's 40-ounce "tribute" to Law and Order, and more ...


What would happen if you ignored watching the Emmys on television and simply let people on Twitter guide you through the three-hour program? Well, you'd get this:

@SPBVIP: As I tweeted a few months ago: Since 2000 Afr-Amers won 10 lead or supporting Tonys; 7 Oscars ... & no Emmys in regular lead or support roles

@bomani_jones: The emmys are going to turn my timeline into something i could give a damn about. that's weird.

@BrothaYat: Wow ... Betty White looks like she is 100 years old ...

@BrothaYat: If he squeezed Betty any tighter she would have shattered

@chrisquintana: Emmy line #1: "I want to thank my lord & creator, Ryan Murphy" -- Jane Lynch  lol! #emmys

@Deggans: Loved Stephen Colbert's joke, but can Tom Hanks get through an awards ceremony without some presenter cracking a Bosom Buddies joke ... ?

@JulesAGray: If I were at the #emmys, all i'd be wearing is a plastic poncho and pleather cowboy boots

@RickMuscles: So far the comedy writing on the Emmys will not be winning an Emmy.

@karpo: wow -- My boobs never looked like amy pohlers after giving birth #Emmys #notJealous