Stop Picking on LeBron

The world's most scrutinized free agent didn't create the hype; he made the best use of it.

LeBron James Announces His Future NBA Plans

Unlike many commentators, I don’t think “The Decision” made James a narcissist. I think he viewed it as a natural progression, the next step in a career that’s been heavily chronicled since high school. He went straight to the NBA, so he bypassed the chance to sit at a table with several college caps in front of him and choose one. (By the way, those decisions by blue-chip recruits are often televised, too.) Considering that we live in the Information Age — and it’s the only age the 25-year-old James has ever known — James is accustomed to the public eye on private life, be it anonymous housemates or crazy housewives.

Critics say the TV show was James being a selfish superstar. I say it was James being an enterprising entertainer. It was draining every ounce of drama from a dramatic decision. But no matter where you stand, Nike was right.

We Are All Witnesses.

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