Serena Williams, Big Butts and the Painful Path to Self-Love

There's more to life than having a ''sugar bum bum.'' Body parts should never go in -- or out -- of style.

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Serena was bootylicious before it was fashionable, but finally it seems the world has caught up with her. Rapper Nicki Minaj has been alleged to have had butt implants, actress Countess Vaughn recently gave praise to her surgically enhanced booty on The Mo’Nique Show, and Booty Pop panties are advertised on mainstream television every night. Now you, too, can look like Serena Williams for just $19.95. Even the New York Daily News has pronounced big butts “Summer 2010’s hottest trend,” citing Kim Kardashian as an ideal example. As if a body part should be subject to the vagaries of fashion.

So what does that mean for young girls growing up with a new generation of curvaceous role models? Hopefully it will mean a new era of appreciation, and not the same old discrimination. Hopefully it will mean a bright future for voluptuous women, where stacked doesn’t equal stupid. Here’s where a Serena Williams can lead the way. Because unlike her equally stacked peers — J. Lo, Kimmy K or Ice-T’s wife Coco — Serena’s booty signifies more than just sex. It is also a symbol of her strength.

But how about focusing on another body part? ”I think a smile can make your whole body,” Serena told Bazaar. ”Models, they look fabulous, but they don’t smile and they look so mad. But I like my smile, how it’s bright and it’s nice. Good thing my braces worked out.” ┬áBecause she’s so much more than just a big butt and a smile.

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