Pew Study: Blacks More Optimistic About Economy Improving Than Whites

They don't call us resilient for nothing.

Hope springs eternal and optimism rules the day, so says the Pew Center for Research. Even though blacks have been hit hardest by the recession, a Pew study reports that blacks are far more upbeat about the economy than whites. The report found that 53 percent of blacks say they believe the economy is at least starting to recover, while just 40 percent of whites agree. Although blacks are more likely to lose their jobs or have their pay or hours reduced if they still have jobs, and black homeowners are far more likely than whites to own homes whose property values have dropped, blacks are more optimistic about the economy. Some say it’s counterintuitive. The optimistic side says we’re used to overcoming obstacles and surviving the worst of conditions. The cynical side thinks it’s easy to see your way up when you’re flat on your back.

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