Who's Your Daddy: Man Sues LeBron James, Claiming Paternity

Washington lawyer says he's LeBron James' father.


A Washington, D.C., attorney has filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming that he is the father of basketball star LeBron James. Leicester Stovell says that the James family is trying to cover up the fact that he is LeBron's father by committing fraud. Stovell has taken a DNA test that came back negative, but insists that the family tampered with the results. Stovell claims that he met LeBron's mother when she was 16 -- and he was an adult -- and they had consensual sex. All this on the day that LeBron is to announce where he will play next year. Great timing. We're wondering what the statute of limitations is on statutory rape? Just how much back child support will Stovell owe LeBron James if he is the father?

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