Detroit Police Chief Resigns; Reality Show Fallout May Be to Blame

Warren Evans' penchant for reality shows may have been the final straw.


Detroit Police Chief Warren Evans has resigned. Although Mayor Dave Bing's office did not offer a reason for Evans' resignation, Motown is speculating that there was fallout from a reality show centered around Evans called The Chief. The announcement came just hours before a Detroit television station was to report on said video. You may recall that Evans was publicly reprimanded by Bing after the police department's handling of a May 16 raid on a Detroit family's home that left a 7-year-old girl dead from a police officer's bullet. The crew for A&E's The First 48 was present and filming at the time of the incident. We're starting to understand why the crime rate in Detroit is so high. "I'm not a crime fighter, I just play one on television."

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