SEC's First Black Athletic Director Resigns Amid Scandal

Damon Evans resigns after DUI charge and alleged infidelity.


Damon Evans, the Southeastern Conference's first black athletic director, has resigned less than a week after he was charged with a DUI. Courtney Fuhrmann, a woman who is not his wife, was also in the car in a compromising position. She was charged with disorderly conduct. Evans claimed that she was "just a friend," while Fuhrmann insists the two were dating. Evans apologized to the university and his wife during the press conference. He became the SEC's first black athletic director in 2004. Way to blow such a huge accomplishment and great money to boot. Evans was reportedly earning $550,000 a year at the University of Georgia. The SEC is not known for hiring blacks in any capacity. The first black AD in the conference messing up his gig at Georgia is not a good look. Add booze and white women to the mix, and it's a recipe for disaster. We wonder how long this debacle will be used to justify why blacks can't handle a position such as this. Thanks, Mr. Evans.