Brazil Soccer Star Suspected of Murder

Bruno de Souza, the captain of Flamengo, Brazil's most popular soccer team, has turned himself in for the alleged murder of his ex-girlfriend.


Flamengo's soccer captain, Bruno de Souza, has turned himself in to police. De Souza was on the run after police named him as a possible suspect in the murder of his ex-girlfriend Elizia Samudio, 25. The soccer star had an affair with the student, allegedly impregnating her. The young woman disappeared less than a month later, and her blood was supposedly found in one of De Souza's vehicles. It has been reported that De Souza forced the woman to take an abortion pill and made frightening phone calls before her death. De Souza became a suspect after his teenage cousin told police that he helped De Souza kidnap the woman. Wow, what a stand-up guy. We guess breaking up would have been too much like right.

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