Whoomp! There It Isn't Obama in the Tag Team Video

The White House squelches a rumor that he was an extra in the video for the '90s party hit. See it and decide whether you think it looks like MC Barry.

LA Sno or MC Barry? (YouTube)

For the record, President Barack Obama was a civil rights attorney and lecturer at University of Chicago Law School in 1993. Really, y'all should know better. OK, maybe there's a slight resemblance...

An unbelievably awesome online rumor emerged this week that my President, Barack Hussein Obama, was in the video for Tag Team's [1993] single "Whoomp There It Is." Just take a moment and let that set in....You make the call at the 1:01 mark, did our first black president appear in a low budget ' 90s video for one of the most annoying songs of all time? Was he organizing communities or shaking booties?

This week, Gawker.com put out a whopper (or should we say, whoomper) of a conspiracy theory, alleging that a blurry video was proof that Barack Obama had been an extra in the 1993 video for Tag Team's party hit "Whoomp (There It Is)." Later, Stephen Colbert got in to the act and initiated his own independent Colbert Report investigation....

Gawker finally tracked down the two Atlanta rappers who once called themselves Tag Team, D.C. the Brain Supreme and Steve Roll'N (yes they're still alive), and asked the duo straight up. Their answer was shocking!!!:

"Nah, it's not the President of the United States," said DC....

To quell the angry mob quietly growing in cyberspace, the White House went on the record, after Politifact.com asked for an official denial. White House spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield danced around the truth stating, "It's not him." What exactly did she mean by that?