South Carolina Republican Calls Candidate for Governor a *%@! Raghead

Sen. Knotts slurs his ally's opponent in the state's Republican primary, an Indian-American woman.

Haley (right) with supporter.
Haley (right) with supporter.

Well, it seems that hate is so pervasive in South Carolina that even Republicans are turning on each other. During a radio show being taped in a Columbia, SC bar, Republican S.C. Sen. Jake Knotts called Lexington Rep. Nikki Haley, an Indian-American Republican woman running for governor, a “ fu$%^g raghead” several times while explaining how he believed she was hiding her true religion from voters.

Haley has been endorsed by Palin and the Tea Party, but is under fire from Knotts because she is Indian woman running against his candidate Lt. Governor Andre Bauer. During his rant, he stated that there was already a “raghead” in the White House. Not to worry, like a good Christian, Sen. Knotts did apologize for using the “f” word.

Source: WLTX-TV, You can read the entire story here.