AZ Senator Attacks Kagan Over Her Admiration for Thurgood Marshall

Sen. Jon Kyl sees Elena Kagan's admiration of Justice Thurgood Marshall's judicial philosophy as a bad thing.

Fresh from “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” file, Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl attacked Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan for her admiration of Thurgood Marshall’s judicial philosophy. Kyl stated that “it’s not exactly mainstream,” whatever that’s supposed to mean (in our best Diamond/Lisa Raye voice). Was that supposed to be an insult? Are black people not mainstream? Because we didn’t get that memo. God forbid that Justice Marshall was a champion of civil rights. This foolishness is actually not surprising coming from an Arizona politician. It seems that anything that isn’t white just isn’t quite right. Likening Kagan to Justice Marshall may work in Arizona, but let’s hope this loopy thinking isn’t embraced by the “mainstream.” Shaking our heads over here at The Root.