Mr. Scarface Is Back: Why He Turned Down Hip-Hop Honors

Scarface stood up for the Dirty South.

Scarface, in happier times.

Iconic rapper Scarface has sounded off on the VH-1 Dirty South Hip-Hop honors. The man attributed with putting Southern Hip-Hop on the map as a member of the Geto Boys and as a solo artist, refused to participate in the awards show because he did not agree with separating Southern rap artists from Hip-Hop as a category. The Houston-based rapper questioned the intentions of VH-1, why the show wasn't held in the "Dirty South," and why VH-1 felt the need to belittle and make fun of Southern rappers. Clearly his mind was not playing tricks on him, because the show came off like a live version of Freaknik the Musical.  Contrary to public misconception, the legendary rapper stood up for Hip-Hop and the Dirty South.  We guess he really is the last of a dying breed.