For Whom the Bell Tolls: New York Cop Sues Sean Bell's Estate

NYC police officer involved in Bell's fatal shooting sues dead man's estate.


Fresh from the "are you kidding us?" file, a New York police officer involved in the fatal shooting of groom-to-be Sean Bell is suing the dead man's estate. Officer Michael Carey's lawsuit claims that Bell assaulted and injured him with his vehicle while driving drunk when he was leaving his bachelor party at a strip club in Queens, N.Y., on the night of Nov. 25, 2006. This is before the police opened fire on the unarmed Bell and his friends, killing Bell. Carey's lawsuit is a counterclaim filed in response to a wrongful death suit filed by Bell's fiancee Nicole Paultre Bell. That suit is against Carey and four other cops involved in Bell's death. Clearly, humility is in short supply these days. There are no words.