National HIV Testing Day: Know Your Status

June 27 is the perfect day to get tested and learn more about an epidemic that is disproportionately affecting African Americans.

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Want to know more about HIV/AIDS? Interested in getting tested? Eager to get involved in the movement to increase awareness about HIV/AIDS, especially among African Americans? Explore all of these options by checking out the resources that The Root has put together in the spirit of National HIV/AIDS Testing Day, which is observed every June 27.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 1 million people in the U.S. — almost half of them African American — are living with HIV, but one in five is unaware that they have HIV. The CDC makes finding a local testing site quick and easy — just enter your ZIP code. You’ll also find tools for spreading the word, including everything from testing-day buttons to Facebook status updates.

It’s Your Sex Life encourages young people to take control of their sexual health. Swing by the site and watch videos from your favorite celebs on HIV/AIDS, check out tips on how to approach your partner about getting tested, and find out your HIV/AIDS IQ.

The Black AIDS Institute keeps you up-to-date on the fight against HIV/AIDS in the black community. Visit the site to read testimonials from African Americans living with HIV and AIDS and those working to end the epidemic. Also learn how to get involved with nationwide projects, programs and organizations that spread awareness.