Rep. Clyburn Skeptical of Alvin Greene's South Carolina Victory

The congressman called Greene a "plant," urging investigation into his background and campaign finances.


With reports that Alvin Greene, the 32-year-old unemployed veteran who won the South Carolina Senate primary, is facing pending felony charges, Rep. James Clyburn called for an investigation into Greene's background and campaign finances. Clyburn, suspicious that a third party provided Greene with the $10,400 filing fee required to run, suggested that the Democratic candidate was a "plant":

While Greene insists he is the real deal, Clyburn, a high-ranking Democrat from South Carolina, is still skeptical.

"There were some real shenanigans going on in the South Carolina primary," Clyburn said this morning on the liberal Bill Press radio show, the Hill notes. "I don't know if he was a Republican plant; he was someone's plant."