Michael Jackson Video Mashup

The Root takes an look at a handful of music videos paying tribute to -- and affectionately poking fun at -- the King of Pop.

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As an international figure, Jackson’s message of racial equality even made it to Ukraine where this folk rock band made “Black or White” their own, especially at 1:37. They’re not bad at all, but you must watch the original afterward.

This “Dirty Diana” tribute proves how much you can do with a living room setup. Although the leading man’s frequent hair flipping reminds us more of a Rick James video than it does of Jackson, we have to hand it to the video’s makeshift director for his dramatic close-ups and cuts. Honorable mention goes to the background female “guitarist” who doubles as the notorious Diana.

There’s something to be said about a good lip-sync. Armed with nothing but an arsenal of facial expressions, this MJ fan pays tribute to this MJ classic by showing off his emotional side. A fun comparison to the regal stoicism that Eddie Murphy and Iman demonstrated in the much-revered original music video.

Alien Ant Farm does a rock-infused rendition of this cover. This may seem a far cry from the original, but Jackson’s moves make their way into nearly every scene. Watch for Bubbles’ distant cousin at 1:39.

Uhhh … no words. You just have to see for yourself.