CBC Remembers the 'Racial Redemption' of Sen. Byrd

CBC chairwoman Rep. Barbara Lee walks a tightrope in her statement on the passing of the ultimate insider.


Leave it to black folk to tell it like it is, while exercising some restraint, and we love it. CBC Chairwoman Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) released a statement on the passing of Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia. The statement highlighted Sen. Byrd's evolution from a former Klansman who opposed civil rights legislation and Thurgood Marshall's Supreme Court nomination, to one who supported making Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday a federal holiday and endorsed then Sen. Barack Obama for president. Rep. Lee stated, "In the course of becoming the longest-serving member of Congress, Senator Byrd left an indelible mark on the history of our nation. I join all Americans as we honor his legacy of racial redemption and reconciliation." Enough said.