Whitening Arizona

Arizona school orders brown and black faces on a mural painted white.


Clearly there is something in the water in Arizona. The state that legalized racial profiling and eliminated ethnic studies from its school curriculum is in the news again for another asinine incident – emphasis on as. A group is demanding that faces of Black and Latino students on a public mural be lightened or changed to white at a Prescott elementary school.

Yes, you read right and no you’re not hallucinating. There is not enough weed you can smoke to come up with this type of foolishness. To add insult to injury, artists who were working with students on the mural said they were heckled and called racial slurs by people in cars while painting the mural. Yelling racial epithets at kids in 2010? The state of Arizona is indeed in world of trouble.

You can read the entire story at: http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2010/06/04/20100604arizona-mural-sparks-racial-debate.html