Venus Williams Wears Quiet Storm Outfit at French Open

French Open, indeed.


On the way to winning her match at the French Open, Venus Williams has the Internets going nuts due to her choice of garb, especially when this image hit the wires. As you can see below, she is wearing skin-colored shorts under her outfit:

She's done it again. Venus Williams has caused another sartorial storm with her French Open outfit. She took to the court Sunday in a self-designed outfit that looked like a cross between a Frederick's of Hollywood nightie and a cancan costume. Underneath the lacy black and red getup, she wore a pair of underwear carefully matched to her skin color -- just like the pair she wore earlier this year at the Australian Open, and that inspired speculation about whether she had gone commando. This latest fashion choice made for quite the photo opportunity and sent her name flying to the top of Google's hottest searches.

I might congratulate Williams on her attention-getting abilities -- only, it's her other accomplishment this weekend that is truly deserving of praise: While photographers were scrambling to get just the right upskirt shot, she whooped her opponent, Patty Schnyder of Switzerland. You gotta give it to her: Williams is maintaining her number two world ranking while dressed for the Moulin Rouge.