Aaron McGruder, Post-Racial Obama Hater?

In the “Boondocks” Season 3 premiere, all gloves were off when it came to POTUS. Yay!

Adult Swim
Adult Swim

Of course, my student was absolutely right, Aaron McGruder did use ”nigger” gratuitously. I found it highly disrespectful to have this white man-child using that word in my face! But the show was on cable television. Chastising my student would have been like me telling him not to point out the dirty drawers hanging out on a clothesline in a backyard for all to see.

What you gonna do?

Part of our evolution as a community means acknowledging the complex and often conflicting emotions that come with this historic milestone of having a black president. If there are 50 million black people, there are 50 million ways to look at Barack Obama. That said, I do wonder why Huey never felt compelled to go into exile when George W. Bush was stinking up the place. So I’m looking forward to hearing exactly why Huey is so angry about Hope & Change.

Still, I’m happy that we are a step closer to eliminating this ”house business” in the black community. It’s a sign that we’re taking our seats at the grown-up table.

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