Quick Clips: The Most Influential Blacks in Punk

These cats punk with the best of them.

If you thought punk was an all white genre, you’re sadly mistaken. Black Voices has highlighted some of the very best in Black punk. Below is just one example

1. DeathUntil they saw an Alice Cooper show in 1973, the Hackney brothers, Bobby, David and Dannis, were just another aspiring R&B group in Detroit. But something about Cooper’s show resonated with them and soon, under the moniker Death, they began playing punk. One problem, punk didn’t exist yet. The unheralded godfathers of the genre, Death gigged locally and recorded an album’s worth of material and released the independent single “Politicians in My Eyes,” but never dropped an LP. Thirty years after disbanding, their music can be heard on the recently, For the Whole World to See” (Drag City Records).

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