Today in Postracialism: Oprah and John Tesh

Back when she still had two names, an unauthorized biography is saying Oprah and John Tesh were an item.


Not sure how credible this is--it's an unauthorized biography after all--but the prospect of a Winfrey/Tesh romance tickled the Buzz

Long before she was a billionaire media mogul romantically linked to Stedman Graham, young Oprah Winfrey reportedly had a different boyfriend: John Tesh.

In a new, unauthorized Winfrey tell-all, celebrity biographer Kitty Kelley claims that Winfrey and the one-time Entertainment Tonight co-host were lovers who shared an apartment in Nashville, Tenn. in the mid-1970s.

According to New York's Daily News, an excerpt from the book reveals that Tesh, now 57, abandoned Winfrey, now 56, because of the intense "social pressure" of their interracial romance.

"[He] couldn't take it anymore...He walked out in the middle of the night...he told me he later felt very guilty about it," a Tesh source told Kelley in the book.

The pair both had broadcast-TV jobs in Nashville at the time. Tesh, now a New Age musician and syndicated radio host, appeared on the 10th anniversary of Winfrey's show, when Winfrey claimed that they had simply shared a "platonic dinner date."