The Best Moments of 'In Living Color'

With the help of our Twitter followers and Facebook fans, The Root compiles just a few of the greatest clips of "In Living Color" history.


Don't have the box set of In Living Color? Can't ever catch it on cable? That's no problem in the Internet age. The show lives on via YouTube, where fans have uploaded some of the show's best clips. The Root asked our Twitter and Facebook fam to tell us the funniest and most outrageous sketches in the show's five-year history. Take a look at our collection of laughs from In Living Color.

Men on Film (Thanks, Ranu Hamilton, Lesley Toon Johnson, Adriana Burton, Richard Glasgow, Stephanie DeVoe, Dionne Williams Mural, Susan Robertson, Desiree Banda, Michele A. Yates, Desiree Pearson, @ajcoo82, @lovelyladylaw)

Blaine Edwards and Antoine Merriweather were In Living Color's resident film critics of all things "fab-u-lous." And it wasn't just their critiques that were hilarious. Blaine's miniature hats atop his bald head (and the occasional "bang" wig) and Antoine's parted or poofed high-top fade were worthy of "three snaps in a Z formation." Watch as they talk about Do the Right Thing, Great Balls of Fire and Dick Tracy.

As part of his parole duties, Homey is every kid's worst nightmare. He's not only a clown, but he's an ex-con with a chip on his shoulder. The Man is bringing him down, so he takes out all his frustration on a bunch of (grown-up) kids. Watch out for this clown's tricks because he packs a wallop. "Homey don't play dat!"

Ugly Wanda (Thanks, Sylvette Parker Monroe, Cyndi Welch, Stephanie DeVoe, April Burton, David Roundtree, Desiree Pearson)

In a curly, blonde wig, pink lipstick, and enough Vaseline to scare the ash off any man in her midst, Wanda is the most memorable man eater in recent history. "I'll rock your world," she promised her unlucky victims. And when a man dissed her, she was "ret to go." Did you know Wanda was the fifth member of En Vogue? Fa real doe.