AZ Truck Driver Forced to Show Birth Certificate During Stop

The man, a natural-born American citizen, believes he is the victim of profiling.


A Phoenix trucker driver was detained at a weigh station after being unable to produce his birth certificate. Agents then called his wife, who left her job to retrieve his birth certificate and social security card. Both the driver and his wife were born in the United States.

Abdon was told he did not have enough paperwork on him when he pulled into a weigh station to have his commercial truck checked. He provided his commercial driver’s license and a social security number but ended up handcuffed.


[His wife] says, “It doesn't feel like it's a good way of life, to live with fear, even though we are okay, we are legal…still have to carry documents around.”

A representative at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) returned 3TV’s calls after researching the incident and she said this was standard operating procedure.