AZ Sheriff Refuses to Enforce New Immigration Law

Clarence Dupnik isn't down with Arizona's new policy.


Sheriff Clarence Dupnik isn't a fan of racial profiling and, as such, is not a fan of Arizona's new immigration law, which he won't be enforcing.

Dupnik called SB 1070 "racist," "disgusting," and "unnecessary," in an interview with Tucson's ABC affiliate, KGUN.

The sheriff says his officers won't participate in the crackdown because it forces deputies to profile while they patrol the areas surrounding Tucson.

Dupnik said he won't let illegal immigrants go free, either.

"We're going to keep doing what we've been doing all along," Dupnik said. "We're going to stop and detain these people for the Border Patrol."

Hmmmm...Policing without profiling? This guy obviously hates America and freedom.